Practice areas

Practice Areas

Our team of administrative lawyers has an in-depth
knowledge and experience of the following sectors.

Urban planning

Urban development projects and development of buildings and areas.


Client support on every steps necessary
to grant building permits.


Out of court consultancy services also with regard to participation to tenders and judicial defense before the Regional Administrative Courts and the Council of State.

Environment and Energy

Consultancy services with regard to authorizations for renewable energy plants and due diligence.

Social Housing

Assistance for the participation to tender procedures and drafting of urban planning agreements.

Real Estate

Administrative law due diligence.


Consultancy services for the opening of retail units and authorization grants.


Assistance both with every step of the procedure and with any possible litigation before the administrative judge.


Assistance before the administrative judicial authorities, ordinary courts and courts of auditors of every order and status as well as with national arbitration.

Modello 231 e
anti-corruption plan

Identification of all main risk factors and drafting of organizational model as required.


Consultancy services to private companies with regard to regulated sectors (independent authorities, supervisory authorities, competition authorities) and possible legal aid.


Drafting of any
appropriate contract regulations
and assistance with
any possible disputes.